Leaders as Strategists

Defining what an organization will be, and why and to whom that will matter, is at the heart of a leader’s role. Those who hope to sustain a strategic perspective must be ready to confront this basic challenge

Achieving and maintaining strategic momentum is a challenge that confronts an organization and its leader every day of their interlinked relationship. This is a challenge that involves multiple choices over time—and, from time to time, some big choices.  A leader, at some point in his or her career, is likely to have to overhaul a business’ strategy in perhaps dramatic ways. When facing this inevitability there can be moments of insight that ignite new thinking about an enterprise, its purpose, its potential.

It is the leader—the strategist as meaning maker—who must make the vital choices that determine a company’s very identity, who says, “This is our purpose, not thatThis is who we will be. This is why our customers and clients will prefer a world with us rather than without us.” Others, inside and outside a company, will contribute in meaningful ways, but in the end it is the leader who bears responsibility for the choices that are made and indeed for the fact that choices are made at all.

An overhaul of a business to realise its full potential can be wrenching, often the toughest action of a career, but at the same time reinvention is rewarding read on.

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